Freelance Magento Web Development

Struggling to find a Magento Website Development professional that cares about you and your project? Get to know me by reading my story.

I am PHP Developer specializing in Magento 2 and Magento 1 ecommerce projects.

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Many wholesalers believe in world’s leading open source e-commerce platform – Magento, I do too. Top level PHP programming language experts are working on improving its usability and security. Magento 1 and Magento 2 platforms provides easy to use backend panel for trouble-free order processing, reporting as well as other features.

As well as being advantageous to the store owners, Magento similarly provides rich user experience to store customers. Features like swatch images for different product attributes, one-page checkout for smooth and confusion-free ordering of their baskets and other.

Magento Website Development – Themes

It is also intuitive to us – Web Developers, which makes coding even more pleasurable and enjoyable. Magento 1 comes with responsive rwd theme, while Magento 2 comes with blank and luma themes.

These themes are easily modifiable and adaptable considering various needs of store owners. However design is just small part that makes Magento easy to work with.

Extension Development

There is an official Magento extensions page called Magento Marketplace where you can choose from loads of free and paid extensions. On the other hand if you still cannot find an extension that you need, you can simply contact me for any Magento Website Development enquiries.

I will develop it for you from scratch, whether it would be addition of simple button or something advanced. Fetching and importing some XML, JSON data via third party API, new payment method implementation are the tasks that will make my day better.

You name the problem, I solve it!

Magento Website Development by Magento Certified Developer Tadas Šimkus

Magento Website Development by Magento Certified Developer Tadas Šimkus