Hello World! My name is Tadas

My story as a Web Developer

Who? What? Where? Why?

I was born in 1993 Lithuania, Kaunas, second largest Lithuania city, however officially my birth certificate states that I was born in Kėdainiai a town in the center of Lithuania with a population of 30 000 people where I have lived most of my life.

After graduating from Kėdainiai “Rytas” secondary school, I moved to Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, where for the next 3.5 years I have studied in “Vilniaus kolegija” to acquire a degree in Software Engineering with a specialization in Web technologies.

After getting my degree, I decided to move to United Kingdom, meet new people from different cultural backgrounds, explore new places and improve my English language fluency. My first UK job took place in Berkhamsted, while second one was in Bradford where I have worked as a Web Developer and specialized in E-Commerce projects.

As of March 2018, I am back to my hometown Kėdainiai. I feel confident enough that after 5+ years in Web Development industry I have enough experience and skills to take care of my clients and their web presence on my own, therefore I am starting to build my clientele as a self employed Magento Web Developer.

You can check my experience in more detail by visiting my LinkedIn page.


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