Planning, acting and results based Magento services.

Need some custom extension to make your daily tasks easier within the store or found one on the Magento Marketplace that you might benefit from and need help installing it?

Want to give your website fresh look by implementing new design theme?

Missing security patches and need it sorted ASAP?

Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS and don’t want to lose traffic to your website?

Got alerted of malicious files by your hosting company and need the site to be secure again?

Dealing with some legacy 301 HTTP redirects that needs to be migrated to Magento?

Traffic to your site increased and web server struggles to cope with an increase?

Checkout page stopped working out of nowhere?

Need to get your head around cPanel or Plesk?

Want to gain a visible performance increase by just switching to PHP 7?

Clients complaining that your website is throwing an error for some payment method?

Need some custom customer activity tracker developed or some help with implementation of Google Analytics?

Contact form stopped working and you or your customers are not receiving emails anymore?

Want to speed up your site by installing caching tools like Redis or Varnish?

Want to upgrade your Magento 1 to latest version or migrate your shop to Magento 2?

Or maybe want to start using blog platform like WordPress alongside your shop?

Take a deep breath in. Hold it… Hold it… Breathe out. Everything is under control, contact me explaining your needs and I will arrange a call to discuss everything in more detail.

How do I take care of my clients?

01 Planning

After initial contact, discussion about current issues and new features, estimation of amount of work to do takes place.

02 Acting

Setting up of development environment - mirroring production server, preparing staging server. Start of development and testing.

03 Results

Presentation and confirmation of completed tasks on staging server. Deployment to production server and planning of further work.

Let me take care of your store. Contact me!